We buy estates!

We understand selling through the auction process may not be for everyone, and we understand. If you prefer, we are happy to make you a cash offer to purchase the entire estate outright. 


-You are paid at the time the items are picked up instead of waiting for the items to make their way to auction and the settlement process to follow. 

-We are typically able to do more of a "clean out" when purchasing an estate versus taking the items on consignment for auction. We will do our best to suit your needs, from picking only the items we know we want to take, to emptying the entire house and leaving it broom swept. 

-Guaranteed pay out. We are the first to admit you will probably receive more when consigning the items to be sold versus a buy out, but due to the uncertain nature of auctions there is no guarantee. When we buy outright we take the risk of what the items may sell for, and you receive an immediate guaranteed amount. 



The process is the same as consigning items with us, just give us a call at 252-631-1435 or email info@proctorauctions.com to get the process started. 


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